A new international report shows that Arctic temperatures are rising higher and faster than expected, and the effects are already being felt around the world. "The Arctic's climate is shifting to a new state," warns the report.

The Arctic climate is entering a new state, say the scientists behind a new pan-Arctic report. But implementing the Paris Climate Agreement in full could stave off some of the biggest changes post 2050.

The Greenland part of Baffin Bay between 71° N and 78° N was opened for petroleum exploration in 2010 and seven licenses were granted by the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP).

Rane Willerslev, a professor of Social Anthropology and a well-known researcher and adventurer is becomming new director of the Danish National Museum. He aims to make the National Museum "wild and challenging". 

In just a few decades, the Arctic Ocean has become a dumping ground for plastic waste from the USA and Northwest Europe, shows a new study. Over time, plastics from as far away as China could also reach the Arctic.

UofM researcher, and FortWhyte Alive, a long standing outreach partner of CEOS benefit from Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

GENICE study - collaboration between University of Manitoba and University of Calgary to explore bioreme

What began as an undergraduate summer NSERC research position, resulted in the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the 2017 BaySys (Hudson Bay) system study currently underway.  This included flying by helicopter onto sea ice in Hudson Bay to deploy a CEOS designed ice-mass balance buoy. 

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and a number of other research-related knowledge centers and universities in 2015 launched a web portal

A guillemot male and his offspring contemplating the leap into nothingness from a cliff at Saunders, Northwest Greenland. Photo: Knud Falk