Arctic Marine Benthos 2017

Arctic Marine Benthos 2017

The cruise is part of a MSc and PhD course on the ecology of Arctic marine benthos. The students will gain insight into the taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of the main benthic species in Svalbard waters and the polar basin North of Svalbard. The course has a special emphasis on hands-on identification of benthos as well as processes important for understanding the Arctic ecosystem.

Lectures deal with identification of benthic species, life history and functional traits, trophic interactions and physical forcing. The practical fieldwork will be designed by the teachers and implemented into the course. Work during cruises will focus on several research projects that integrate acquired knowledge and skills, and will vary from year to year, targeting specific habitats or ecological processes.

PI: Paul Renaud

Fieldwork site: West and North of Svalbard

Fieldwork period: 8-12 August 2017

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