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The Education Team's objective is to create exceptional educational programming in the area of Arctic sciences at each of the the member institutions through a coordinated approach to course and curriculum development, creation of teaching resources, and designing of field schools.  This will be done at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Another objective is to develop the necessary mechanisms to promote and facilitate gradurate student exchanges between institutions, allowing students to take part in research at each location and further their learning. Faculty and teaching members will have an opportunity to instruct courses in their respective fields at the other institutions, allowing for an exchange of ideas not only at the research level, but also at the education level.  


The Education Team is currently working on developing the overall sturcture of these objectives and an inventory of courses available at the member institutions.  


 Education Team

Centre for Earth Observation Science (Winnipeg, Canada)Dr. John Iacozza, Dr. Tim Papakyriakou
Greenland Climate Research Centre (Nuuk, Greenland)Dr. Mark Nuttall, Dr. Tine Pars
Arctic Climate Centre (Aarhus, Denmark)Dr. Peter Grønkajær