Who can join ASP?

  • All scientists, students and staff of ASP institutions and their invited collaborators

How to join ASP?

  • As an individual scientist/group of an ASP institution you can contact the ASP leadership

What can ASP fund?

  • ASP is a partnership, not a funding agency
  • Individual scientists are expected obtain funding from own institutions or externally

What is the benefit of being a member of ASP?

  • Part of a large science network, increased possibilities of collaboration
  • Increased exposure of individual work
  • Option of joining large coordinated field campaigns
  • Possibility to move freely among institutions adhering to local institutional standards
  • Take advantage of infrastructure such as research vessels, field stations, laboratories, office space, equipment and the coordination of logistics.
  • Joint observations and data sharing
  • Joint publications and acknowledgments
  • Support for project proposals, e.g. Letters of intent, joint proposal writing
  • Information dissemination, e.g. ASP website