BaySys (Hudson Bay System) Study

BaySys Field Sampling

BaySys (Hudson Bay System) Study

BaySys is a 4-year $15M comprehensive study that aims to contribute to a scientific basis to understand the relative contributions of climate change and regulation on the Hudson Bay system. The role of freshwater in Hudson Bay will be investigated through field-based experimentation coupled with climatic-hydrological-oceanographic -biogeochemical modeling. BaySys is led by the University of Manitoba, Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) and Manitoba Hydro. The science teams are drawn from these agencies and six Canadian academic institutions (Universities of Northern British Columbia, Québec à Rimouski, Alberta and Calgary, and Laval and Trent), in close cooperation with Manitoba Hydro, Hydro-Quebec and Ouranos.  Five research teams, led by an academic and industry co-lead(s), are organized to investigate the following inter-connected subsystems: 1) Marine and Climate System, 2) Freshwater system modelling, 3) Marine Ecosystems, 4) Carbon Cycling and 5) Contaminants. Click here for more information on the project. 


BaySys will have three key field expeditions: (1) Fall 2016 to install moorings in western Hudson Bay and the entrance to James Bay, (2) winter 2017 field studies in the estuaries of the Churchill and Nelson Rivers, and (3) a bay-wide survey in summer 2017 aboard the NGCC Amundsen



Project Co-leads: David Barber, Kevin Sydor

PI's - Team 1: J.Ehn, D.Barber, I.Dmitrenko (CEOS); S. Belanger (UQAR); P. Myers (UofA); M. Morris (MB Hydro)

PI's - Team 2: T. Stadynk, G. Ali (CEOS); S. Dery (UNBC); K. Koening (MB Hydro); M. Braun (Hydro-Quebec/Ouranos Consortium)

PI's - Team 3 - J-E Tremblay, L. Fortier, C. Lovejoy, F. Maps (ULaval); CJ Mundy (CEOS); P. Archambault (UQAR-ISMER); G. Swanson, J. Hunt (MB Hydro)

PI's - Team 4 - T. Papakyriakou, Z.Z Kuzyk, S. Rysgaard (CEOS); B.Else (UofC); C. Gueguen (Trent University); B.Gill, B. Hamlin (MB Hydro)

PI's - Team 5 - F.Wang, G. Stern, Z.Z. Kuzyk, D. Lobb (CEOS); E.L. Petticrew, P.N. Owens (UNBC); A. Zacharias, S. Wakelin (MB Hydro) 

Project coordinators: Claire Hornby and Nathalie Thériault