BREATHE field school

BREATHE field school

Graduate students with interests in Arctic sea ice are welcomed to participate in a training cruise aboard the Norwegian icebreaker Kronprins Haakon. The ship will serve as a home and floating laboratory while we anchor to an ice floe and study the physical properties, microbiological communities, and carbon chemistry within and beneath the sea ice. During the field school, participating students will hear from current UiT researchers on related topics, including methods related to snow and sea ice physics, sea ice biogeochemistry, bio-optics, ocean turbulence and Blueye robotics. Through lectures, hands-on training and laboratory work, early career researchers will finish the field school with a comprehensive understanding of this complex and rapidly changing system, while having a foundation in the skills that are required to study it as part of their respective degrees.

May 12 – 30th - 2023
Kronprins Haakon (Tromsø departure – Longyearbyen arrival)

Participants are responsible for travel to and from the points of ship departure/arrival and must have Norwegian seafarer medical clearance:

Interested? Apply online by 22 March @ 11:59 CET!

For more information about this opportunity or the Research Council of Norway’s BREATHE ( project, please contact Karley Campbell (