CEOS Blank Ad to hire Research Associates

CEOS Blank Ad to hire Research Associates

Please see below our CEOS Blank Ad to hire Research Associates. Please let me know by Wed Oct 16 if you have any changes or additions for the list.

Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS/CERC)

Environmental education; atmospheric science with a focus in the field areas of electromagnetic and remote sensing of climate science, sea-ice geophysics, climatology, this includes either mid-latitude or polar environment; atmospheric science with carbon dynamics in polar marine environment; air-surface carbon exchange; estuarine and tundra environments of the Canadian arctic and sub-arctic coastal zones; terrestrial ecosystem modeling (soil-vegetation-atmosphere); eddy correlation systems; forest ecology, agriculture or related biological field in statistical modeling; forest biophysical modeling; invasive species biology, landscape change and spatial analysis of the agro ecosystem in remote sensing and image analysis; human geography; human environment, human ecology, or other related fields with a focus on the impact of change on people, especially aspects of subsistence lifestyles (food, clothing, health, education, informal economy) in the boreal forest, arctic, or west coast island environments; atmospheric or meteorological sciences with a focus on one or more of the following: atmospheric modeling (any scale), atmospheric remote sensing, extremes in the weather and climate system, severe weather processes (mesoscale and synoptic scale forcings), surface-atmosphere coupling, boundary later processes; environmental chemistry, environmental geochemistry, biogeochemistry, aquatic chemistry, cryospheric chemistry, sea ice biogeochemistry; mercury biogeochemistry; oil spills in the arctic; long range transport of contaminants to polar and alpine regions; chemical transport across environmental interfaces; chemical speciation and bioavailability; interaction between climate change and global contamination; processes related to melting glaciers, glacier-fjord-ocean interactions, sedimentary biogeochemistry, broad field of arctic system science with particular emphasis on how sea ice relates to the areas of geomicrobiology, low temperature isotope systematics, biochemistry, physical oceanography or biological oceanography; ecological/traditional knowledge within northern communities; ecosystem health indicators modelling; marine mammal survey and spatial habitat statistics; climate change effects, hydroelectric regulation of freshwater on physical, biological and biogeochemical conditions-review and analysis of historical information, new data from summer and winter field studies/programs, and modeling of freshwater runoff, atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions, including physical, chemical and biological aspects of Hudson Bay oceanography. Responsible for coordination among five research teams, organizing meetings, providing progress reports to Manitoba Hydro, the University of Manitoba, and NSERC.

Apply directly to Linda Chow:


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Subject: [psu-hris] Research Associate Blanket Ad - Submissions Due October 18, 2019

Please circulate to those involved with advertising academic positions

Blanket Ad for Research Associates – due October 18, 2019

Human Resources will place a blanket ad for research associate positions for the period of November 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. The intent of blanket advertising is to minimize the turnaround time between the notification of grant approval and the filling of the research associate position. Positions will be advertised online (HR website, UM Today, University Affairs, CAUT and Canadian Job Bank) and costs will be covered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research).

We suggest the position be included in the blanket ad if there is a possibility the position cannot be filled by a Canadian or permanent resident. According to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) regulations, a person who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident cannot be employed in Canada without a work permit. This policy has meant that the U of M, in proposing to hire a non-Canadian, must demonstrate to HRDC that both the wording and placement of advertisements have provided Canadian citizens and permanent residents with an adequate opportunity to apply. Inclusion in a blanket ad is an acceptable way of meeting HRDC advertising requirements. This blanket ad is valid only for positions offered between the date of publication and April 30, 2020. 

If you participate in this blanket ad, you can still place a separate research associate ad in the future, but your department will need to cover the costs (approximately $900.00/ad).

Please send the following information to by October 18, 2019:

·        Specific heading you want position to go under (ex: Computer Science, Soil Science)

·        Brief list and/or paragraph describing the field of research

·        One departmental contact name and email address

For examples, see the HR employment website.

Any questions can be directed to