CEOS Bulletin Oct 7 2022

CEOS Bulletin Oct 7 2022


Monday Oct 11th is our Canadian Thanksgiving! Don't forget on this day the University of Manitoba will be closed!

The European Space Agency (ESA), recently announced that Harmony has been selected as ESA’s tenth Earth Explorer Mission to go forward. Congratulations to Dr. Julienne Stroeve and her team, who had considerable input to the ESA Harmony science team on sea ice applications in support of this up-coming mission.

The Alberta Film & Television Awards ("The Rosies") recently awarded the GENICE video as the Best Educational Production. Congratulations to Drs. Casey Hubert (UCalgary) and Gary Stern (UManitoba) on their innovative program.

October is sustainability month, to learn more about campus initiatives check out this UM Today news story


The Hudson Bay Summit will be held from November 29 - December 1 in Montreal. Posters are accepted until Nov 4th, and early bird registration is open now

The ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 (ASM2022) will be hosted in Toronto from December 4 - 8. Early bird registration is open now and discounted rates on hotels are available until Oct 31st. 

The AGU Fall Meeting 2022 will be held in Chicago from Dec 12 - 16 with a hybrid model of in person and virtual. Early bird registration is until November 2nd. 

Travel or Conferences: As of November 2020, conference registrations, flights, car rentals, accommodations, meals and associated expenses must be put through Concur on a Travel Expense Visa, or personal cards than reimbursed later. For assistance, please contact or


IGS' Global Seminar has virtual presentations nearly every Wednesday. To check out upcoming presentations and to register visit 

DFO's Freshwater Institute is hosting a seminar series this fall: 
• Wednesday Oct 12th at 12:30pm CT Dr. Skovrind (University of Copenhagen) presents Beluga genomics: lessons from an Arctic whale for a post-Arctic world
• Thursday Oct 13th at 11am CT - Dr. Desforges (University of Winnipeg) presents Arctic Wildlife toxicology: classic vs 21st century approaches
To join these upcoming virtual seminars please contact


Check out these recent publications:

Desmond, D.S., Saltymakova, D., Crabeck, O., Schreckenbach, G., Xidos, J.D., Barber, D.G., Isleifson, D. and Stern, G.A., 2022. Methods for Interpreting the Partitioning and Fate of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in a Sea Ice Environment. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A126(5), pp.772-786.

Leblanc, M.-L., M. O’Connor, Z.A. Kuzyk, F. Noisette, K. Davis, L. Richer, E. Rabbitskin, L. Sam, D. Babb, J. Idrobo, J. Ehn, J. Gilbert, B. Leblon, and M.M. Humphries. 2022. Large-scale regional decline and post-decline status of subarctic Zostera marina L. eelgrass along the eastern coast of James Bay, Canada. Global Change Biology. Global Change Biology In Press.

Peck, C.J., Z.A. Kuzyk, J.P. Heath, J. Lameboy, and J.K. Ehn. 2022. Under-ice hydrography of the La Grande River plume in relation to a ten-fold increase in wintertime discharge. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.: In Press.

Stern, G.A., Macdonald, C.R., Carvalho, P.C. and Wolfe, T., 2022. Baseline levels and characterization of hydrocarbons in surface marine sediments along the transportation corridor in Hudson Bay: A multivariate analysis of n-alkanes, PAHs and biomarkers. Science of The Total Environment, p.158718.

Call for Papers: Submit a manuscript to the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing for a Special Issue on Remote Sensing for Assessment of Arctic Sea Ice and Climate Change: in Memorium to Distinguished Professor David G. Barber.  For further details check out the link here:


Dr. Dustin Isleifson (UM, Winnipeg) and Dr. Alexander Komarov (ECCC, Ottawa) are recruiting a PhD student position in radar remote sensing of sea/lake ice.

Dr. Juliana Marson is recruiting an MSc student position in iceberg modelling.

Dalhousie University is currently seeking applications for a Tenure-Track Faculty position in environmental geoscience at the assistant professor level.