Four new tenure track hires in Arctic System Science at CEOS

Four new tenure track hires in Arctic System Science at CEOS

University of Manitoba (UM) (CEOS) will be hiring four new tenure track faculty positions as part of our growth with the new Churchill Marine Observatory, a new CERC, and a senior C-150 chair. The four positions will be competed over the next 6 months, are all full-time tenure track,  and will consider candidates with expertise in glaciers, sea ice, oceans or the atmosphere sides of Arctic marine sciences:

1) an SSHRC CRC T2 in the social sciences (broadly defined). Download description here.

2) an NSERC Assistant level position (Broadly defined). Download description here.

3) an NSERC CRC T2 in the physical sciences (broadly defined).

4) an NSERC Assistant, Associate or Full professor (in Modelling). 

The competition for the first two positions is now open; one will be a SSHRC CRC T2 and one will be an assistant level professor in an NSERC field; both in Arctic marine systems (see attached).  The next two positions will be posted later this winter.


David Barber, FRSC, DP,  OC
CRC in Arctic System Science

Associate Dean (Research) CHR Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB. Canada.
(204) 474-6981 (office)
(204) 510-6981 (cell)