Maamuitaau-Ilinnia (Gather-Learn) Field School (CANADA)

Student group. Credit: John Iacozza

Maamuitaau-Ilinnia (Gather-Learn) Field School (CANADA)

In February 2014, the University of Manitoba organized a field school entitled “Maamuitaau Ilinnia” (Gather Learn) in Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagoostui Quebec. The organizing committee consisted of Dr. Christine Barnard from Université Laval and Dr. Brent Else, Ms. Karley Campbell and Dr. John Iacozza from the University of Manitoba. The field school was hosted by the Centre d’Études Nordiques (CEN) facility in Kuujjuarapik (northern Quebec). Sixteen students from universities in Canada, Denmark and Greenland participated in this year's program. 


The focus of each day of the field school changed and was mentored by individual faculty members from various Canadian universities. Mentors included Dr. Karla Williams (University of Saskatchewan) discussing the social aspects of the Arctic system, Dr. CJ Mundy (University of Manitoba) lecturing on marine system, Dr. Milla Rautio (Université du Quebec à Chicoutimi) focusing on freshwater system, Dr. Michel Allard (Université Laval) lecturing on permafrost and Dr. Dominique Berteaux (Université du Quebec à Rimouski) talking about animal and vegetation of the Arctic environment. Each mentor presented a half day lecture, followed by an experiential learning component. This field school was developed by the organizing committee to emphasize this component of education at the graduate level.


Another important component of the field school was community outreach. Ms. Campbell along with Alexandre Truchon-Savard (science coordinator at CEN facility) organized three community events aimed increasing interactions between graduate students and members of the community including high school students and raise awareness of Arctic research in the north.