New book: SCORESBY SUND - Discovering North-East Greenland

New book: SCORESBY SUND - Discovering North-East Greenland

SCORESBY SUND is the fourth book in the series: "Discovering North-East Greenland".

In this book, the journey of discovery goes to the area that borders the large North-East Greenland National Park in the south. In addition to a rich fauna, the Scoresby Sund area also contains some of the most magnificent nature in North-East Greenland, indeed in all of Greenland. And then the Scoresby Sund fjord is actually the world's longest fjord, approximately 350 km long! Here in this unique natural area is also the small Greenlandic town of Ittoqqortoormiit, which with its approximately 350 inhabitants is the northernmost town on Greenland's east coast.

SCORESBY SUND gives, in pictures and words, a broad impression of the entire Scoresby Sund region and its history. The book has 172 pages and, like its three predecessors, is beautifully bound and packed with more than 250 photos. The texts are in parallel Danish/English.

Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen is a former member of the renowned military dogsledge patrol Sirius, director of the North-East Greenland Company Nanok and author of a number of books about Greenland. He has traveled the Kong Oscar Fjord area and the rest of North-East Greenland numerous times over more than 40 years.

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