UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Greenland 2022

UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Greenland 2022

What is the Innovation Lab in Greenland?

The Greenland Innovation Lab will gather young people from across the Arctic and Nordic regions to develop innovative solutions to sustainability challenges that are shared across the region.

Specifically, the Regional Innovation Lab will focus on developing innovative solutions within three thematic tracks:

  1. Education
  2. Health, including mental health
  3. Biodiversity and climate change


When and where is the Innovation Lab happening?

It will take place in Nuuk, Greenland, on August 20-27, 2022

What does the program during the Innovation Lab consist of? 

The 200 selected paricipants will be welcomed to Nuuk, Greenland on the 20th of August with a big celebration, including cultural performances and speeches from thought-leaders and SDG experts. The Opening Ceremony will introduce the talents to each other and the program for the week and allow for networking and knowledge-sharing.

Over the next few days, the teams will be immersed in developing their solutions through human-centered design thinking. This includes an innovation process where facilitators will guide the participants through different stages of problem framing, ideation, prototyping and testing their SDG solution. On the final days, the talents will get to pitch their solutions to receive prizes at a formal Award Show.

The Lab will conclude with a big Closing Ceremony on August 26th, when sustainability leaders will provide insights and tips for their journey ahead. After the Lab, talents will have the possibility of continuing to develop their solutions and personal development, supported by UNLEASH, local mentors, implementation experts, and more. The talents will also be invited to be part of UNLEASH’s vibrant community of thousands of passionate individuals who have joined our journey towards the 2030 Agenda. Teams can also apply to continue their entrepreneurial journey as part of UNLEASH’s incubation program, UNLEASH Plus.

Why should I apply? 

Previous participants to UNLEASH Innovation Labs tell us that participating for many is a life altering event and that the skills, connections and network they get at the Innovation Lab shape their life and career for many years to come after the event.

You should apply if you are passionate about making a difference in the Nordic and Arctic region, if you want to contribute to developing new, innovative solutions to some of the central regional sustainability challenges, and if you want to meet and work in teams with other talented young people from the region.


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