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Klimaændringer fylder isbjørne med gift

Den smeltende is omkring Grønland har ændret isbjørnens fødevalg, viser ny forskning. Det betyder at de fyldes med større mængder miljøgifte, der nu truer isbjørnens eksistens.

Canadian Chemical News - Untangling the mysteries of environmental chemistry.

Two Canadian facilities allow for controlled experiments on snowmelt and sea ice in an attempt to understand their role in the global transport of chemicals, from CO2 to crude oil.  Read more about the work of Frank Wania and Torsten Meyer (University of Toronto) creating artificial drifts to simulate aging of snow and track chemical transport from snow grain to air; and the work of Fei Wang (University of Manitoba) creating artificial sea ice in the new Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF) the first and only outdoo