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Danmark skruer op for arktisk forskning

ARC Co-lead Jesper Madsen talks about the importance of coordinating work in the Arctic, in response to the establishment of a new 'Forum for Arctic Research' between the Danish universities and the Danish Ministry of Education.

UM TODAY - Frost Flowers Blooming Again at SERF

No, it’s not an alien landscape. These are “frost blooms” on the water of the University of Manitoba’s Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF) at the Fort Garry Campus. You may hate the deep freeze that we have right now, but Feiyue Wang, professor of environment and geography in the Clayton H.

An Arctic refugium under assault

Due to their special geographic circumstances, some places on earth are resistant to global warming. But a new study of an arctic refugium suggests its only a matter of time before climate change breaches the defenses. Cyrus Martin reports.

Hvalrosserne mangler opgangspladser

Det er ikke kun lomvierne i Grønland, der ikke har det for godt. Hvalrosserne er også kritisk truede, ifølge Grønlands Naturinstitut.

New bridge provides safe crossing over the Zackenberg River

The Zackenberg Research Station in North-East Greenland has opened a new bridge to extend climate research to the western side of the Zackenberg River. The construction team experienced enormous challenges in building the 45-metre-long bridge across the rapidly flowing and freezing cold river in one of the most desolate areas in the world.

Der er noget i luften - over Grønland

Tina Temkiv in action, feeding the samplers with RNA preservative – a solution that preserves RNA from degradation and consequently allows us to evaluate whether the collected microbes are in an active or dormant state during atmospheric transport. Photo: Kai Finster